Monday, 20 June 2016

Transfusing Life

Transfusing LifeIndia has emerged as the most favored destination for African patients. Here is a case of Ana Jose from Angola who has undergone a complex surgery procedure for her ailing Knee.

Ana Jose, a 48 year lady from Angola, suffered from painful knees from last almost 5 years. She had consulted numerous doctors in her native country, who tried different treatments for her knees, but nothing worked. Then she consulted Dr Mrinal Sharma, Consultant Joint Replacement Surgeon and Knee Specialist in New Delhi, India. She was diagnosed with advanced osteoarthritis knee and was advised a total knee replacement. Everything was fixed and going on well till she informed the surgeon, that she is a believer of Jehovah’s Witness and as per their belief any blood transfusion, including auto transfusion was not allowed.

She informed the authorities, not to get operated, as she was concerned with her religious commitment and beliefs to not to undergo the procedure of blood transfusion.

This was challenging as post knee replacement, patients usually require blood transfusion. Ana Jose had a low hemoglobin lever during her preoperative investigations. The team of doctors planned the surgery in such a manner that the blood loss is minimal during and after knee replacement and the need for blood transfusion does not arise. A hypotensive anesthesia was maintained throughout surgery. Prior to the surgery patient was given IV Tranexamic acid, a drug that reduces bleeding. All surgical dissection was done using cautery and all bleeding points were cauterized. Dr. Mrinal was literally catching RBC on table. He was meticulous and quick in his technique and finished the surgery in 45 minutes. She was also injected Tranexamic acid into tissues before closure of wound, to reduce post operative ooze. Doctor did not use drain in her knees and he believed that drains reduce the tamponade effect and increase the need for post operative blood transfusion. Team had also arranged a cell saver which filters the blood loss during surgery which can be transfused to the patient in a case of emergency.

Ana Jose is mobilizing without any pain in her knees now and the credit goes to a successful Knee replacement procedure performed by Dr. Mrinal Sharma and his team. Read more....


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