Thursday, 21 July 2016

Africa continues to attract global attention as China strikes investment deals

Africa continues to attract global attention as China strikes investment dealsChina and Africa’s recent union is not only a milestone in Africa’s development, but is an indication of global interest in the continent

Africa continues to attract the interest of global investors and the world’s biggest market. China’s investment ventures in Africa strongly suggest that the continent is seen as the new sleeping giant. As the bond between Africa and China strengthens, global leaders and investors will follow suit in trusting the opportunities available across the continent.

The China-Africa summit signalled a milestone in China-Africa relations. Chinese President Xi Jinping announced ‘10 major plans’ to increase collaboration with Africa over the next three years, including establishing regional vocational education centres and colleges to bridge Africa’s skills gap. He pledged that the institutions would train 200,000 technicians, as well as provide African students numerous training opportunities in China. Xi Jinping emphasised how China and Africa share a common future, and commended the unity that the Chinese and Africans have forged over the years.

Sindiso Ngwenya, Secretary General of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) states: “The COMESA region is rich in both natural and human resources, making it one of the key choices for financiers, so it’s understandable that Chinese investors are increasingly turning to the region.” Read more....


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