Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Best Curio shops in Tanzania’s Destination

Best Curio shops in Tanzania’s DestinationTanzania has many protected areas; it practices different types of wildlife tourism, beaches, cultural and many other types of tourism. This makes visitors to enjoy the destinations just for leisure.

Nevertheless, due to the high demand of unique accessories and gifts for tourists and local customers, Tourism has created an opportunity for many entrepreneurs to do business; craftsmen design tourists products demanded by market and sell their products to curio shops. Jumia Travel shares the best destinations for curio shops in Tanzania.

Northern circuit of Tanzania, Zanzibar stone and Dar Es Salaam city centre has been very popular with shopping and handcrafts, from which most of the tourists buy a lot of antiques and local accessories as a gifts.

Arusha as one of the city for International meetings and a starting point for many wildlife and climbing safari in the Northern circuit, many tourists prefer to buy Maasai shoes, Tinga Tinga paintings, Makonde carvings and African beaded sandals, handbags and necklaces.

In Dar es Salaam, you can find many curio shops at Mwenge “vinyago area” and around City centre (Posta). Many tourists prefer to buy maasai beadworks, old tiles, Tanzania printed clothes (Khanga), African handbags, leather shoes designed with maasai beads and many other home accessories. Read more....


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