Thursday, 14 July 2016

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Gielle Novec 1230" FireFighting SystemsSince 50 years Gielle is leader in the fire fighting on boards and we have the honor to present you our new installation on the base of Novec1230 fluid firefighting system for extinguishing fires in engine rooms, pump rooms, transformer rooms and electrical rooms, for ship and offshore applications. The Gielle firefighting system can replace, without significant modifications, old systems using Halon, Halotron IIB, carbon dioxide and water mist on board ships. The firefighting system designed by Gielle has passed the strictest approval tests and today has the most important certifications and approvals such as ABS, Bureau Veritas, RINA, GLLoyd-DNV, Loyd Register, etc.

The innovative Gielle solution can detect the development of the fire in a few seconds, extinguish it automatically and rapidly and, as a result, limit damage to a minimum. It also has a series of benefits for the environment and in other areas.

Moreover Gielle system presents additional advantages, both in terms of global warming protection:
• No effect on the ozone
• Safe for personal area
• Very low impact on the global warming
• No residues after a fire
• Non-conducting material.

Moreover, the flexibility of the Gielle firefighting system, together with its considerable extinguishing power, makes it possible to reuse partly or completely piping already installed in the old systems after

verification with special software.

Above the fact that Gielle is authorized to be an “Halocarbon Bank” in the world, we are able to do the maintenance, contribution to major repairs, all test and “door fan test” everywhere in the world thanks our

specialized team and operational office present in the world. Read more.....


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