Monday, 4 July 2016

T.D. Jakes enterprises international and Econet media announce groundbreaking relationship to develop a strategic alliance for Africa

T.D. Jakes enterprises international and Econet media announce groundbreaking relationship to develop a strategic alliance for AfricaThe Alliance includes licensing of faith and values-based content

T.D. Jakes Enterprises International, and Econet Media, a multinational, diversified telecommunications group, today announce that they are entering into a relationship to form a multiyear partnership to develop and distribute faith and values-based content across Africa.

Africa is one of the key priorities for T.D. Jakes Enterprises international’s global expansion. The alliance with Econet Media will be structured to dramatically expand the reach and viewership of Bishop Jakes’s sermons, Ministries content, films and TV shows in Africa. The deal will include carriage of Bishop Jakes’ content across Econet’s various media platforms, including the much-anticipated African entertainment brand, Kwes√©.

As part of a broader focus on values-based entertainment, T.D. Jakes Enterprises International and Econet Media will also collaborate in developing family-oriented independent films and content that aligns with the Bishop’s motivational outreach to live a purposeful life. Exploring personal stories and struggles with leadership, love, marriage, parenting and relationships, the content will be initially showcased in Africa on Kwes√© channels as well as on digital and mobile platforms.

The collaboration will reinforce the rich history and connection between African-American and African audiences and their common stories. The announcement was made against the backdrop of the American Black Film Festival, an annual international event currently being held in Miami, which celebrates content made by and about people of African descent and shared with a worldwide audience.

The alliance will represent the coming together of two globally recognized humanitarians and business leaders – Bishop T.D. Jakes and Strive Masiyiwa – and the need to create and deliver content that draws inspiration from their shared faith and commitment to uplifting communities. Bishop T.D. Jakes, one of most highly respected and influential voices in America, has ignited the hearts and minds of millions around the world through his inspirational messages and best-selling books, sermons, award-winning music and critically acclaimed plays and events. Strive Masiyiwa, the Founder and Executive Chairman of Econet Media, is one of Africa’s leading entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

“One of our core beliefs is that in driving strategic alliances we can create value for our audiences and this latest news is testimony to that principle. This alliance that we are forming will create a transformative platform to reach and inspire the lives of many through unique values-based content”, said Strive Masiyiwa, Econet Founder and Executive Chairman. “Bishop Jakes is greatly admired across Africa, and we are pleased to be developing an alliance with his organization, whose optimism and hope, in many ways reflects our own.”

“This groundbreaking alliance will deliver our content to a region with nearly a billion people and reflects our desire to expand our reach and engagement with our African brothers and sisters,” said Bishop Jakes. “Strive Masiyiwa and Econet Media are our ideal partners and we are excited to be forming what we hope will be the beginning of an expanded partnership”.

Bishop Jakes has a long history in Africa, having travelled, spoken and hosted events all across the continent, including one of the largest faith-based festivals in Africa, MegaFest, hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa. Read more....


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